A faith-based home where elders receive the finest care! Optimizing the health, safety and dignity of residents in our care.

?Faith-based: God is central to our mission in providing care and services; we seek to do His will and glorify Him. We embrace people from all of life?and backgrounds of faith.

?Home: We seek to provide all of the comforts of home and choices for residents?daily living. It is a place where people like to be because they feel safe and dignified.

?Elders: We serve predominately elderly people, and others who meet the complex care requirements stipulated by Fraser Health.

Definition for br>
- Greater than another in age or seniority.

- An older person, but not necessarily

- An older, influential member of a family or community.

?Finest care: It means that we are resident-centered in our approach to meeting the complex care needs of our residents. We provide compassionate and responsive care to the needs of the residents, always remaining respectful and professional. It also means that resident safety is a key priority.

- We serve the needs of the whole person in care (mind, body and soul)

- It requires a strong interdisciplinary team consisting of members with varying degrees of skills and strengths. Team members have the right attitude, work together to provide quality care and services, and align with the values.