Buchanan Lodge was originally the homestead of Samuel Bently and Sarah [Sadie] Buchanan and was donated to The Salvation Army in 1946 by Mr. Buchanan. Lieutenant Charles Watt faithfully visited Mrs. Buchanan in her last days. As a memoriam to his wife, Mr. Buchanan gave his home and property to The Salvation Army to be used as a rest home. Renovations and extensions were made to make a home for 52 ladies, which included two or three to a room. As time went on, people were reluctant to share rooms.

Buchanan  Lodge became part of the BC Government's Long Term Care Program in 1980 and provided personal immediate care to 43 residents. In 1985 the home was unionized with the Hospital Employee's Union [HEU] representing the support staff of this Facility, and in 1998 with British Columbia Nurses Union [BCNU].

In 1993 the Lodge was demolished to make way for a new 112 multi-level care facility on site. In 1995 our official name became The Salvation Army Buchanan Lodge. In February of 1997 Buchanan Lodge moved to its new facility on 409 Blair Avenue, New Westminster, BC.

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